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Survey of the DASH7 Alliance Protocol for 433 MHz Wireless Sensor Communication
The DASH7 Alliance Protocol, an active RFID alliance standard for 433 MHz wireless sensor communication based on the ISO/IEC 18000-7, is presented and a software stack implementation named OSS-7 is introduced, which is an open source implementation of the Dash7 alliance protocol used for testing, rapid prototyping, and demonstrations. Expand
Indoor localization using a magnetic flux density map of a building
Tests were performed to determine how feasible geomagnetic indoor localization is for a handheld smartphone device and pattern matching, a technique often used by radio-frequency based localization technologies, will be used to determine the position of such a device. Expand
Community gardens as learning spaces for sustainable food practices
Urban agriculture is an emerging topic and it is widely argued that it has considerable potential for sustainable consumption and production. Community gardening is a promising type of urbanExpand
UHF RFID feasibility research: The endless possibilities and challenges of item‐level tagging in a retail store
This article investigates the effects of the environment on ultrahigh frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in both the near-field and far-field. Item-level tagging has alwaysExpand