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Correlates of Introduction Success in Exotic New Zealand Birds
Whether or not a bird species will establish a new population after invasion of uncolonized habitat depends, from theory, on its life-history attributes and initial population size. Data aboutExpand
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Predicting dry weight of New Zealand aquatic macroinvertebrates from linear dimensions
Abstract Regression equations are presented for the estimation of dry weight from head width and body length for 20 common New Zealand stream‐dwelling macroinvertebrate taxa. Equations for taxaExpand
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Social and spatial structure and range use by Kaimanawa wild horses (Equus caballus: Equidae).
We measured horse density, social structure, habitat use, home ranges and altitudinal micro-climates in the south-western Kaimanawa ranges east of Waiouru, New Zealand. Horse density in theExpand
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Forest bird mortality and baiting practices in New Zealand aerial 1080 operations from 1986 to 2009
We collated 48 surveys of individually banded birds or birds fitted with radio transmitters that were checked before and after 1080 poison (sodium fluoroacetate) baits were aerially distributed toExpand
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Unexpected consequences of vertebrate pest control: predictions from a four-species community model.
Although indirect effects are important structuring forces in ecological communities, they are seldom considered in the design of pest control operations. However, such effects may cause unpredictedExpand
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Song Sharing in a Group-Living Songbird, the Australian Magpie, Gymnorhina Tibicen. Part I. Vocal Sharing Within and Among Social Groups
In this study we investigate the role of song in the social behavior of a cooperatively living songbird, the Australian magpie, Gymnorhina tibicen (Cracticidae). In this species, kin and nonkinExpand
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Brushtail possum mortality and ambient temperatures following aerial poisoning using 1080
Kill rates estimated after aerial broadcast of cereal baits containing sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) to control brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) populations in New Zealand varied fromExpand
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Suckling behaviour does not measure milk intake in horses,Equus caballus
Studies of parental investment in mammals have frequently used suckling behaviour to estimate energy transfer from mother to offspring, and consequently to measure maternal input. Such studies assumeExpand
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Determinants of geographical range sizes: a test using introduced New Zealand birds
Summary 1. The 34 species of birds that have been successfully introduced to New Zealand offer a unique opportunity to study patterns of variation in geographical range sizes, and to testExpand
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Xylazine and a xylazine/fentanyl citrate/azaperone combination in farmed deer. II: velvet antler removal and reversal combinations.
Three studies were undertaken on farmed red and red x wapiti deer to evaluate xylazine and a xylazine/fentanyl citrate/azaperone combination for velvet antler removal. In the first experiment, 30 1-2Expand
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