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DNA barcoding in Atlantic Forest plants: What is the best marker for Sapotaceae species identification?
The Atlantic Forest is a phytogeographic domain with a high rate of endemism and large species diversity. The Sapotaceae is a botanical family for which species identification in the Atlantic ForestExpand
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Optimization of DNA extraction from fresh leaf tissues of Melanoxylon brauna (Fabaceae).
Melanoxylon brauna (Fabaceae - Caesalpinioideae) is an endemic and valuable hardwood tree species in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest; it is comparable to African ebony wood. We tested threeExpand
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Gene pool sharing and genetic bottleneck effects in subpopulations of Eschweilera ovata (Cambess.) Mart. ex Miers (Lecythidaceae) in the Atlantic Forest of southern Bahia, Brazil
Abstract Forest loss and fragmentation are the main threats to the maintenance of the Atlantic Forest, an important global biodiversity hotspot. Because of the current critical level ofExpand
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Microsatellite markers for an endemic Atlantic Forest tree, Manilkara multifida (Sapotaceae)
We developed microsatellites for Manilkara multifida for future conservation genetics studies. M. multifida is a tropical tree that is endemic to Brazil which is currently restricted to fragmentedExpand
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A new species of Moldenhawera (Leguminosae) from Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Moldenhawera is a small genus of caesalpinioid legumes from eastern Brazil, characterized by the presence of T-shaped trichomes, flowers lacking a hypanthium, clawed petals with wrinkled margins, andExpand
Moldenhawera congestiflora : a new species of Leguminosae from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Moldenhawera is a small genus of Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae), characterized by biramous (T-shaped) trichomes, compoundly pinnate stipules, hypanthium absence, clawed petals, dimorphic androecium,Expand
Development of microsatellite markers in Moldenhawera blanchetiana and their transferability to M. luschnathiana (Fabaceae)
Abstract The first microsatellite (SSR) markers were developed for Moldenhawera blanchetiana and transferred to M. luschnathiana, two species endemic to the Atlantic Forest, Brazil. Sixteen loci forExpand