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Medical students on the value of role models for developing ‘soft skills’ - “That’s the way you do it”
Objective : The Soft Skills Project examined the professional development of medical students at the University of Pretoria, especially their doctor-patient interaction skills and professionalExpand
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The conceptualisation of "soft skills" among medical students before and after curriculum reform
Objective: This paper reports on the conceptualisation of "soft skills" as part of a study carried out among two groups of undergraduate medical students before and after curriculum reform at theExpand
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Examining fallacies in diagnostic reasoning
The paper by Gurova takes issue with the claim of Meehl that ‘understanding makes it normal’ is a fallacy in diagnostic reasoning [1,2]. Her paper prompts the more general question of appropriateExpand
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Conceptual and experiential estrangement of the self - a neo-Fregean elucidation
Reductionist and non-reductionist philosophers and mental health professionals have debated about what and where the self is. In this article I deploy a neo-Fregean theory to clarify the process byExpand
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Social Network Analysis as Method to Assess Collaboration
In South African context, teachers are required since 2001 to establish professional learning communities. One of the expected outcomes of this collaborative model is improvement in the quality ofExpand
Ontleding van sosiogramme as metode om die doeltreffendheid van genetwerkte leer in ’n skoolgebaseerde wiskundevakgroep te ondersoek
Die staat vereis dat onderwysers saamwerk, maar bied geen metode om die doeltreffendheid van genetwerkte leer te ondersoek nie. In hierdie multifase gemengdemetodes empiriese ondersoek isExpand
Informed Consent to Treatment
Informed consent for treatment/intervention was identified by the VHA Clinical Governance in Community Health project as an area that required further development in community health as part ofExpand
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