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Implications of poor taxonomy in conservation
Abstract Red Lists are legal instruments that guide decisions within the context of conservation. Such lists can indicate the most appropriate conservation actions, leading to choices of priorityExpand
A new species of Hypericum (Hypericaceae) from Southern Brazil
In this article we describe and illustrate Hypericum austrobrasiliense , a new species endemic to the grasslands of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest biome and restricted to Southern Brazil. ThisExpand
A New Threatened Species of Hypericum from the South Brazilian Pampa Biome
Abstract Hypericum bordignonii (Hypericaceae) is a new species from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This species belongs to Hypericum section Trigynobrathys, and is morphologically most similar to H.Expand
The Influence of Urbanization and Fire Disturbance on Plant-floral Visitor Mutualistic Networks
The biodiversity loss resulting from rising levels of human impacts on ecosystems has been extensively discussed over the last years. The expansion of urban areas promotes drastic ecological changes,Expand
Two new records of endemic and endangered angiosperms in Santa Catarina, Brazil
The two endemic, endangered species , Bacch­aris hypericifolia (Asteraceae) and Hypericum salvadorense (Hypericaceae), were known only for the Rio Grande do Sul state, in Brazil. In this paper weExpand
Integrative taxonomy improves delimitation in Hypericum subspecies
Abstract Integrative approaches have been very useful to identify diagnostic morphological characters in species delimitation and to understand how abiotic factors influence the geographicalExpand