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Statistical Mechanics of Learning
From the Publisher: The effort to build machines that are able to learn and undertake tasks such as datamining, image processing and pattern recognition has led to the development of artificialExpand
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Virgo: a laser interferometer to detect gravitational waves
This paper presents a complete description of Virgo, the French-Italian gravitational wave detector. The detector, built at Cascina, near Pisa (Italy), is a very large Michelson interferometer, withExpand
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Second law and Landauer principle far from equilibrium
The amount of work that is needed to change the state of a system in contact with a heat bath between specified initial and final nonequilibrium states is at least equal to the correspondingExpand
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Ensemble and trajectory thermodynamics: A brief introduction
We revisit stochastic thermodynamics for a system with discrete energy states in contact with a heat and particle reservoir.
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Entropy production as correlation between system and reservoir
We derive an exact (classical and quantum) expression for the entropy production of a finite system placed in contact with one or several finite reservoirs, each of which is initially described by aExpand
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Stochastic thermodynamics: A brief introduction
— The main purpose of statistical mechanics is to give a microscopic derivation of macroscopic laws, including in particular the celebrated second law of thermodynamics. In recent years, there haveExpand
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Nonequilibrium phase transitions induced by multiplicative noise
We review a mean-field analysis and give the details of a correlation function approach for spatially distributed systems subject to multiplicative noise, white in space and time. We confirm theExpand
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Finite-time thermodynamics for a single-level quantum dot
We investigate the finite-time thermodynamics of a single-level fermion system interacting with a particle reservoir. The optimal protocol to extract the maximum work from the system when moving theExpand
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Entropy production and the arrow of time
We present an exact relationship between the entropy production and the distinguishability of a process from its time-reverse, quantified by the relative entropy between forward and backward states.Expand
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