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Rape, attitudes and law enforcement in South Africa
This article examines the nature of social attitudes toward adult rape in South Africa and the ways in which they may influence the response of criminal justice professionals to cases of rape. Tis
Account aggregation fraud and the allocation of liability
Account aggregation is a relatively new form of technological advancement that enables consumers to consolidate information not only between accounts on the Internet, but also across financial
SIM-card swapping, mobile phone banking fraud and RICA 70 of 2002
SIM ('Subscriber Identity Module')-card swapping and mobile phone banking fraud are forms of fraud encountered in the use of mobile banking services. Mobile banking is a form of wireless electronic
'Psychological' assault : the crime of assault revisited
Currently, threats of violence in the form of words have been interpreted as constituting an assault where there is an inspired belief or expectation of a future physical attack. This article
Sexual Offences Commentary Act 32 of 2007 (Loose-leaf edition), D. Smythe , B. Pithey, L. Artz (Eds.) : book review
The preamble of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment 32 of 2007 (hereinafter 'SORMA') provides that 'the commission of sexual offences in the Republic is of grave concern,
Parental Criminal Responsibility for the Misconduct of Their Children: A Consideration
This contribution examines parental criminal responsibility for the delinquent acts of their children.  As South African law has been swayed by legal philosophy of Anglo-American jurisprudence, a
Criminal liability and policy considerations in the context of high speed pursuits
Strafregtelike aanspreeklikheid en beleidsoorwegings ten opsigte van hoespoed-agtervolgings Artikels 58(3) en 60 van die Nasionale Padverkeerswet 93 van 1996 maak voorsiening daarvoor dat die
Principles of Financial Law, Carl Wille (principal author); Solly Keetse; Joubert Matthee; Juanita Moolman; Pheona Muwanula : book review
Principles of Financial Law is user-friendly and was written with the aim of consolidating complex and interrelated legal principles pertaining to financial institutions and financial services
Affinity-based security fraud : an 'economic' hate crime? : comments
Affinity-based investment or securities fraud is a form of investment fraud that targets persons who belong to a specific religious, ethnic or racial group. Victims are selected due to their lack of