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The role of parental control practices in explaining children's diet and BMI
This paper aimed to investigate which parents use which types of parenting control practices to manage their children's diets and to assess the impact of these practices on children's dietaryExpand
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ARTiiFACT: a tool for heart rate artifact processing and heart rate variability analysis
The importance of appropriate handling of artifacts in interbeat interval (IBI) data must not be underestimated. Even a single artifact may cause unreliable heart rate variability (HRV) results.Expand
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Benefits of psychological preparation for surgery: A meta-analysis.
T hcre is now substuntial agreement that psychological prepLtruti(tn.for surger)' is henefcial to patients. It is irnportant, hov,(t(r, to establish which beneJtts can be achieved by psychologicalExpand
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Food cravings discriminate differentially between successful and unsuccessful dieters and non-dieters. Validation of the Food Cravings Questionnaires in German
Food cravings have been strongly associated with triggering food consumption. However, definitions and measurements of food cravings are heterogeneous. Therefore, Cepeda-Benito and colleagues (2000)Expand
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Blood-Injury Phobia With and Without a History of Fainting: Disgust Sensitivity Does Not Explain the Fainting Response
Objective: Individuals diagnosed with blood-injury phobia respond to venipuncture with strong psychophysiological responses. We investigated whether disgust sensitivity contributes to the faintingExpand
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Cardiac baroreflex function during postural change assessed using non-invasive spontaneous sequence analysis in young men.
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim was to assess the value of baroreflex sensitivity estimates calculated from analyses of spontaneous systolic blood pressure and pulse interval sequences derived fromExpand
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Depression, perceived control, and life satisfaction in university students from Central-Eastern and Western Europe
The poor health and psychological well-being of people in the former socialist states of Central-Eastern Europe are of serious concern and may be related to low perceived control. We comparedExpand
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Testicular self-examination: attitudes and practices among young men in Europe.
BACKGROUND Testicular self examination (TSE) is recommended for the early detection of testicular cancer. Evidence from North America suggests there is only limited public awareness of its importanceExpand
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Evidence-based recommendations for the development of obesity prevention programs targeted at preschool children.
The ToyBox intervention was developed using an evidence-based approach, using the findings of four reviews. These reviews included three critical and narrative reviews of educational strategies andExpand
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Deutsche Übersetzung und Validierung der Yale Food Addiction Scale
Zusammenfassung. Exzessives Essen wird haufig mit suchtigem Verhalten in Verbindung gebracht. Bisher mangelte es im deutschen Sprachraum jedoch an einem Messinstrument, das spezifisch das KonstruktExpand
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