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Antitumor activity of 7-N-phenyl derivatives of mitomycin C in the leukemia P388 system.
The antitumor activity of 7-N-phenyl derivatives of mitomycin C was tested in an ip-ip system of mouse leukemia P388 by single administration. The compounds tested were 7-N-phenyl-,Expand
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Preparation and biological activities of 10-decarbamoyloxy-9-dehydromitomycin B and its analogs.
A new naturally occurring mitomycin, 10-decarbamoyloxy-9-dehydromitomycin B (1), was prepared by treating mitomycin B with sodium hydride. Its analogs having an exo-cyclic double bond in theirExpand
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Synthesis and biological activities of 7-alkoxymitosanes.
A facile alcoholysis of 7-methoxymitosanes and 5-methoxyindolequinone under basic conditions was discovered and a series of 7-alkoxymitosanes were synthesized from mitomycins A and B using thisExpand
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New mitomycin, 10-decarbamoyloxy-9-dehydromitomycin B from Streptomyces caespitosus.
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Preparation of amino (diethoxyphosphoryl) acetic esters. Catalytic hydrogenation of diazo compounds to amines
La premiere methode consiste en une amination directe de diethoxyphosphoryl acetates par la chloramine. La seconde passe par l'oxime correspondante obtenue par reaction du nitrite d'ethyle surExpand
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Preparation of 7-demethoxy-7-aminomitomycin b derivatives
PURPOSE: To prepare the title antibiotic having anti-ulcer activity, by separating and purifying a cultured product obtained by the culturing of fungi belonging to Streptomyces genus. CONSTITUTION:Expand