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Site-directed mutagenesis of loop L3 of sucrose porin ScrY leads to changes in substrate selectivity.
The difference in substrate selectivity of the maltodextrin (LamB) and sucrose (ScrY) porins is attributed mainly to differences in loop L3, which is supposed to constrict the lumen of the pores. WeExpand
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The porin RafY encoded by the raffinose plasmid pRSD2 of Escherichia coli forms a general diffusion pore and not a carbohydrate-specific porin.
The gene rafY from the plasmid pRSD2, which enables Escherichia coli to grow on raffinose, was transferred into expression plasmid pUSL77. The protein was expressed in the porin-deficient EscherichiaExpand
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Identification of a new porin, RafY, encoded by raffinose plasmid pRSD2 of Escherichia coli.
The conjugative plasmid pRSD2 carries a raf operon that encodes a peripheral raffinose metabolic pathway in enterobacteria. In addition to the previously known raf genes, we identified another gene,Expand
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Site-directed Mutagenesis within the Central Constriction Site of ScrY (Sucroseporin): Effect on Ion Transport and Comparison of Maltooligosaccharide Binding to LamB of Escherichia coli
The 3-D structures of the maltooligosaccharide-specific LamB-channel of Escherichia coli (also called maltoporin) and sucrose-specific ScrY (sucroseporin) are known from X-ray crystallography. TheExpand
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