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Industrial yogurt manufacture: monitoring of fermentation process and improvement of final product quality.
Lactic acid fermentation during the production of skim milk and whole fat set-style yogurt was continuously monitored by measuring pH. The modified Gompertz model was successfully applied to describeExpand
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Effect of dietary fibre enrichment on selected properties of gluten-free bread.
Abstract The enrichment of gluten-free baked products with dietary fibre seems to be necessary since it has been reported that coeliac patients have generally a low intake of fibre due to theirExpand
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Study of the functionality of selected hydrocolloids and their blends with κ-carrageenan on storage quality of vanilla ice cream
Abstract In the present paper, the functionality of hydrocolloids related to the rheological, physical and sensory characteristics of ice cream mixes and frozen ice cream was studied.Expand
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Enrichment of ice cream with dietary fibre: Effects on rheological properties, ice crystallisation and glass transition phenomena
In the present study, the effects of four dietary fibre sources (oat, wheat, apple and inulin) on the rheological and thermal properties of model sucrose–polysaccharides solutions and ice cream mixesExpand
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Protein isolation from tomato seed meal, extraction optimization
Water extraction of tomato seed meal proteins was studied to find optimal conditions for protein extraction and isolation. A central composite design including temperature, pH, time and water/solidsExpand
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Effect of Rice, Corn and Soy Flour Addition on Characteristics of Bread Produced from Different Wheat Cultivars
Preparation and consumption of bread enriched with flours that contain appreciable amounts of protein, lysine, dietary fiber, and minerals will provide a healthy alternative to consumers and also aExpand
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Effect of hydrocolloids on selected properties of gluten-free dough and bread
Addition of hydrocolloids (H/C) in gluten-free (GF) bread formulation is necessary in order to act as polymeric substances that should mimic the viscoelastic properties of gluten and increase theExpand
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Effect of the Addition of Different Dietary Fiber and Edible Cereal Bran Sources on the Baking and Sensory Characteristics of Cupcakes
The effect of successively replacing (10%, 20%, and 30%) wheat flour with dietary fiber (DF) from wheat, oat, barley, and maize or cereal bran (CB) from wheat, oat, and rice on cake batter, finalExpand
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Effect of fat mimetics on physical, textural and sensory properties of cookies
Abstract Soft‐type cookies were prepared with up to 35% fat replacement by fat mimetics, namely Litesse (improved polydextrose), C*deLight MD 01970 (maltodextrins), Dairytrim (b‐glucans), pectin andExpand
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Handbook of Natural Zeolites
Description: Handbook of Natural Zeolites provides a comprehensive and updated summary of all important aspects of natural zeolites science and technology. The e-book contains four sections coveringExpand
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