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Attenuation of green fluorescent protein half-life in mammalian cells.
The half-life of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) was determined biochemically in cultured mouse LA-9 cells. The wild-type protein was found to be stable with a half-life of approximately 26 h,Expand
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Fathers and sons: the Y chromosome and human evolution.
It should be possible to use Y chromosome DNA polymorphisms to trace paternal lineages for evolutionary and other studies, but progress in these areas has been slow because it has been difficult toExpand
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Structure of a hypervariable tandemly repeated DNA sequence on the short arm of the human Y chromosome.
The structure of a repeated DNA sequence located on the short arm of the human Y chromosome is described. Genomic mapping and cloning in lambda or cosmid vectors show that the repeated sequenceExpand
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Mammalian chromosome structure.
The DNA sequences that are necessary for the formation of a functional mammalian chromosome are thought to be the origins of replication, the telomeres and the centromere. Telomere structure is nowExpand
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Structure of the major block of alphoid satellite DNA on the human Y chromosome.
Alphoid DNA is a family of tandemly repeated simple sequences found mainly at the centromeres of the chromosomes of many primates. This paper describes the structure of the alphoid DNA at theExpand
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New uses for new haplotypes the human Y chromosome, disease and selection.
Recent discoveries of many new genes have made it clear that there is more to the human Y chromosome than a heap of evolutionary debris, hooked up to a sequence that happens to endow its bearer withExpand
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The functional impact of structural variation in humans.
Structural variation includes many different types of chromosomal rearrangement and encompasses millions of bases in every human genome. Over the past 3 years, the extent and complexity of structuralExpand
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PCR haplotypes for the human Y chromosome based on alphoid satellite DNA variants and heteroduplex analysis.
We have developed a system for revealing informative and useful haplotypes for the human Y chromosome using PCR. Variant alphoid satellite DNA subunits were amplified and analysed by digestion withExpand
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Localization of DNA sequences required for human centromere function through an analysis of rearranged Y chromosomes
We have localized the DNA sequences required for mitotic centromere function on the human Y chromosome. Analysis of 33 rearranged Y chromosomes allowed the centromere to be placed in interval 8 of aExpand
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Quantitative measurement of mammalian chromosome mitotic loss rates using the green fluorescent protein.
We have measured the mitotic loss rates of mammalian chromosomes in cultured cells. The green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene was incorporated into a non-essential chromosome so that cells containingExpand
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