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Cultures in chimpanzees
As an increasing number of field studies of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) have achieved long-term status across Africa, differences in the behavioural repertoires described have become apparent thatExpand
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Cultural variation among chimpanzee communities or unit-groups at nine long-term study sites was charted through a systematic, collaborative procedure in which the directors of the sites first agreedExpand
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Catastrophic ape decline in western equatorial Africa
Because rapidly expanding human populations have devastated gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) and common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) habitats in East and West Africa, the relatively intact forests ofExpand
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The primate community of the Lopé reserve, Gabon: Diets, responses to fruit scarcity, and effects on biomass
The diets of all diurnal primates (Gorilla g. gorilla, Pan t. troglodytes, Mandrillus sphinx, Colobus satanas, Cercocebus albigena, Cercopithecus nictitans, C. pogonias, C. cephus) in the LopéExpand
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Composition of the diet of chimpanzees and comparisons with that of sympatric lowland gorillas in the lopé reserve, gabon
Over an eight‐year period, a total of 174 food items were recorded for chimpanzees (Pan t. troglodytes) in the Lopé Reserve in central Gabon. Plant foods, principally fruit, dominated the diet butExpand
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Nationwide census of gorilla (gorilla g. gorilla) and chimpanzee (Pan t. troglodytes) populations in Gabon
A census was made of gorilla and chimpanzee populations throughout Gabon between December 1980 and February 1983. The aim of the census was to estimate the total numbers of both species and describeExpand
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Chimpanzees in a hot, dry and open habitat: Mt. Assirik, Senegal, West Africa
The habitat of the chimpanzees of Mt. Assirik, in the Parc National du Niokolo-Koba, Senegal, is described in terms of rainfall, temperature and vegetation. The results are compared with thoseExpand
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Western gorilla diet: A synthesis from six sites
The objective of this paper is to collate information on western gorilla diet from six study sites throughout much of their current range, including preliminary information from two sites (Afi andExpand
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Nest building by lowland gorillas in the Lopé Reserve, Gabon: Environmental influences and implications for censusing
We analyzed data from 373 fresh nest-sites (containing 2435 nests) of lowland gorillas (Gorilla g. gorilla)during a 4-year period in the Lopé Reserve, Gabon, to determine whether the observedExpand
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