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Infant intersubjectivity: research, theory, and clinical applications.
We review research evidence on the emergence and development of active "self-and-other" awareness in infancy, and examine the importance of its motives and emotions to mental health practice withExpand
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Musicality and the intrinsic motive pulse: evidence from human psychobiology and infant communication
Musicality in human motives, the psycho-biological source of music, is described as a talent inherent in the unique way human beings move, and hence experience their world, their bodies and oneExpand
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Communicative Musicality: Exploring the basis of human companionship
1. Musicality: communicating the vitality and interests of life PART 1 - THE ORIGINS AND PSYCHOBIOLOGY OF MUSICALITY 2. Root, leaf, blossom, or bole: concerning the origin and adaptive function ofExpand
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Intrinsic motives for companionship in understanding: Their origin, development, and significance for infant mental health
Human beings are not merely social, they are inherently cultural. Infants are born with motives in their complex brains that lead them to learn through communicating about intentions, interests, andExpand
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What is it like to be a person who knows nothing? Defining the active intersubjective mind of a newborn human being
As thinking adults depend upon years of practical experience, reasoning about facts and causes, and language to sustain their knowledge, beliefs and memories, and to understand one another, it seemsExpand
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