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Topographic laser ranging and scanning : principles and processing
Introduction to Laser Ranging, Profiling, and Scanning, G. Petrie and C. K. Toth Airborne and Spaceborne Laser Profilers and Scanners, G. Petrie and C. K. Toth Terrestrial Laser Scanners, G. PetrieExpand
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The B4 Project: Scanning the San Andreas and San Jacinto Fault Zones
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Improvement of Lidar Data Accuracy Using Lidar-Specific Ground Targets
With recent advances of lidar technology, the accuracy potential of lidar data has significantly improved. State-of-the-art lidar systems can achieve 2 to 3 cm ranging accuracy under idealExpand
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Information from imagery: ISPRS scientific vision and research agenda
This paper examines the significant challenges currently facing ISPRS and its communities, such as providing high-quality information, enabling advanced geospatial computing, and supporting collaborative problem solving. Expand
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To support earthquake research, a dedicated LiDAR survey was conducted to map an approximately 1,000 km segment of the San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults in southern California in the spring of 2005.Expand
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Extracting dynamic spatial data from airborne imaging sensors to support traffic flow estimation
The recent transition from analog to totally digital data acquisition and processing techniques in airborne surveying represents a major milestone in the evolution of spatial information science andExpand
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Bridging GPS Gaps in Urban Canyons: The Benefits of ZUPTs
This paper describes a study which looked at the impact of zero velocity updates (ZUPTs) on navigation accuracy in urban canyons. Focus was on the speed and reliability of ambiguity resolutionExpand
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Experiments with UAS Imagery for Automatic Modeling of Power Line 3D Geometry
Abstract. The ideal mapping technology for transmission line inspection is the airborne LiDAR executed from helicopter platforms. It allows for full 3D geometry extraction in highly automated manner.Expand
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