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Four-loop pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory
Inspired by the corresponding problem in QCD, we determine the pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory up to order g 6 in the weak-coupling expansion, where g 2 denotes the quartic couplingExpand
Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to the Anomalous Magnetic Moments of Leptons from First Principles.
We compute the leading, strong-interaction contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron, muon, and tau using lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) simulations. Calculations includeExpand
Lattice Computation of the Nucleon Scalar Quark Contents at the Physical Point.
We present a QCD calculation of the u, d, and s scalar quark contents of nucleons based on 47 lattice ensembles with N_{f}=2+1 dynamical sea quarks, 5 lattice spacings down to 0.054 fm, lattice sizesExpand
Slope and curvature of the hadronic vacuum polarization at vanishing virtuality from lattice QCD
We compute the slope and curvature, at vanishing four-momentum transfer squared, of the leading order hadron vacuum polarization function, using lattice QCD. Calculations are performed with 2+1+1Expand
The leading non-perturbative coefficient in the weak-coupling expansion of hot QCD pressure
Using Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory within three-dimensional pure SU(3) gauge theory, we estimate the last unknown renormalization constant that is needed for converting the vacuum energyExpand
Ab-initio calculation of the proton and the neutron's scalar couplings for new physics searches
Many low-energy, particle-physics experiments seek to reveal new fundamental physics by searching for very rare scattering events on atomic nuclei. The interpretation of their results requiresExpand
Perturbative expansion of the energy of static sources at large orders in four-dimensional SU(3) gauge theory
We determine the infinite volume coefficients of the perturbative expansions of the self-energies of static sources in the fundamental and adjoint representations in SU(3) gluodynamics to orderExpand
Four-loop lattice-regularized vacuum energy density of the three-dimensional SU(3) + adjoint Higgs theory
The pressure of QCD admits at high temperatures a factorization into purely perturbative contributions from ``hard'' thermal momenta, and slowly convergent as well as non-perturbative contributionsExpand
Computing the nucleon sigma terms at the physical point
Nucleon sigma terms are quantities that play an important role in various areas: among others, they connect the pion-nucleon and the kaon-nucleon amplitudes to the hadron spectrum and they are alsoExpand
High loop renormalization constants by NSPT: a status report
We present an update on Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory projects for Lattice QCD, which are by now run on apeNEXT. As a first issue, we discuss a st rategy to tackle finite size effectsExpand