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Caseinomacropeptide self-association is dependent on whether the peptide is free or restricted in kappa-casein.
It is suggested that interactions between para-kappa- CN parts of the kappa-CN molecules may be a requisite for the pH-dependent dissociation/association of caseinomacropeptide in a pH- dependent manner.
In situ Switching of Site-Selectivity with Light in the Acetylation of Sugars with Azo-Peptide Catalysts.
We present a novel concept for the in situ control of site-selectivity of catalytic acetylations of partially protected sugars based on light as external stimulus using oligopeptide catalysts
Site-Selective Acylation of Pyranosides with Oligopeptide Catalysts.
The oligopeptide-catalyzed site-selective acylation of partially protected monosaccharides is reported, which yields up to 81% of the inherently unfavored 2-O-acetylated products with selectivities up to 15:1 using mild reaction conditions.