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Visualization of Time-Oriented Data
A structured survey of 101 different visualization techniques as a reference for scientists conducting related research as well as for practitioners seeking information on how their time-oriented data can best be visualized are presented. Expand
Space, time and visual analytics
Researchers should find approaches to deal with the complexities of the current data and problems and find ways to make analytical tools accessible and usable for the broad community of potential users to support spatio-temporal thinking and contribute to solving a large range of problems. Expand
Visual Methods for Analyzing Time-Oriented Data
This paper focuses on the unique role of the parameter time in the context of visually driven data analysis and describes event-based visualization as a promising means to adapt the visualization pipeline to needs and tasks of users. Expand
Visualizing time-oriented data - A systematic view
With the proposed categorization, this article tries to untangle the visualization of time-oriented data, which is such an important concern in Visual Analytics. Expand
Stacking-Based Visualization of Trajectory Attribute Data
This work presents a novel approach to visualizing trajectory attribute data that is equipped with analytical and interactive mechanisms for selecting and ordering of trajectories, and adjusting the color mapping, as well as coordinated highlighting and dedicated 3D navigation. Expand
Tangible views for information visualization
A number of interaction and visualization patterns for tangible views that constitute the vocabulary for performing a variety of common visualization tasks are introduced and suggest the high potential of this novel approach to support interaction with complex visualizations. Expand
A Survey on Interactive Lenses in Visualization
A survey of the literature on interactive lenses in the context of visualization identifies challenges and unsolved problems to be addressed in future research. Expand
Fisheye Tree Views and Lenses for Graph Visualization
We present interactive visual aids to support the exploration and navigation of graph layouts. They include fisheye tree views and composite lenses. These views provide, in an integrated manner,Expand
Task-Driven Color Coding
This paper describes a color coding approach that accounts for the different tasks users might pursue when analyzing data and applies different color scales and introduces strategies to adapt the color mapping function to support tasks like comparison, localization, or identification of data values. Expand
3D information visualization for time dependent data on maps
An approach for visualizing spatio-temporal data on maps based on two commonly used concepts: 3D information visualization and information hiding is described, capable of visualizing multiple time dependent attributes on maps, and of emphasizing the characteristics constituted by either linear or cyclic temporal dependencies. Expand