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Flow patterns and bubble departure fundamental characteristics during flow boiling in microscale channels
Abstract This paper presents an experimental investigation into the fundamental characteristics of flow boiling in microscale channels based on diabatic high-speed flow visualizations. ExperimentsExpand
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Flow boiling in micro-scale channels – Synthesized literature review
This paper presents a synthesized review on the recent literature concerning micro-scale flow boiling. The topics covered are macro- to micro-scale transition, flow patterns, pressure drop, heatExpand
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Flow boiling heat transfer of R134a and R245fa in a 2.3 mm tube.
Abstract This paper presents new experimental flow boiling heat transfer results in micro-scale tubes. The experimental data were obtained in a horizontal 2.3 mm I.D. stainless steel tube withExpand
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Evaluation of flow patterns and elongated bubble characteristics during the flow boiling of halocarbon refrigerants in a micro-scale channel
Abstract In the present study, quasi-diabatic two-phase flow pattern visualizations and measurements of elongated bubble velocity, frequency and length were performed. The tests were run for R134aExpand
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Film thickness measurement techniques applied to micro-scale two-phase flow systems
Recently semi-empirical models to estimate flow boiling heat transfer coefficient, saturated CHF and pressure drop in micro-scale channels have been proposed. Most of the models were developed basedExpand
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Flow Boiling Phenomenological Differences Between Micro- and Macroscale Channels
In this paper, flow boiling phenomenological differences between micro- and macroscale channels are discussed. Analyses of flow pattern results are performed in order to identify the main differencesExpand
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Two-Phase Frictional Pressure Drop and Flow Boiling Heat Transfer for R245fa in a 2.32-mm Tube
Experimental two-phase frictional pressure drop and flow boiling heat transfer results are presented for a horizontal 2.32-mm ID stainless-steel tube using R245fa as working fluid. The frictionalExpand
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Flow Boiling Characteristics for R1234ze(E) in 1.0 and 2.2 mm Circular Channels
Experimental flow boiling heat transfer results are presented for horizontal 1.0 and 2.2 mm I. D. (internal diameter) stainless steel tubes for tests with R1234ze(E), a new refrigerant developed as aExpand
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Saturated flow boiling heat transfer and critical heat flux in small horizontal flattened tubes
This paper presents experimental results for flow boiling heat transfer coefficient and critical heat flux (CHF) in small flattened tubes. The tested flattened tubes have the same equivalent internalExpand
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Heat transfer during convective boiling inside microchannels
Abstract This paper presents experimental results for the heat transfer coefficient during flow boiling of refrigerants R134a, R245fa and R600a inside small diameter tubes plus a new heat transferExpand
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