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Bones of Contention
Contentious issues are important sources of militarized conflict. This article advances an issue-based approach to world politics, focusing on disagreements over territory, maritime zones, andExpand
Global instances of coups from 1950 to 2010: A new dataset
Once considered a ‘hot topic’ among scholars, research on coups d’état has waned in recent years. This decline is surprising given that 7 coups have happened between January 2008 and December 2010,Expand
The Effect of Civil War on Education, 1980—97
This study examines the negative effects of civil wars and the post-civil war environment on educational expenditures and enrollment. Two causal mechanisms are considered. First, civil wars areExpand
ABC's, 123's, and the Golden Rule: The Pacifying Effect of Education on Civil War, 1980–1999
This study examines two ways by which education might affect the probability of civil war onset. First, educational investment provides a strong signal to the people that the government is attemptingExpand
A Supply Side Theory of Mediation
We develop and test a theory of the supply side of third-party conflict management. Building on Kydd’s (2003) model of mediation, which shows that bias enhances mediator credibility, we offer threeExpand
Secession, legitimacy and the use of child soldiers
Child soldiers remain a stark reminder of the suffering caused by civil wars. This paper explores the long-term calculations that rebel leaders employ when deciding whether or not to use childExpand
Supporter of stability or agent of agitation? The effect of US foreign policy on coups in Latin America, 1960—99
This article takes a two-step approach to improving our understanding of how US foreign policy signals affect the likelihood of coups in Latin America. First, a large body of qualitative literatureExpand
Information, Commitment, and Intra-War Bargaining: The Effect of Governmental Constraints on Civil War Duration
Thyne, Clayton L. (2012) Information, Commitment, and Intra-War Bargaining: The Effect of Governmental Constraints on Civil War Duration. International Studies Quarterly, doi:Expand
Coup d’état or Coup d'Autocracy? How Coups Impact Democratization, 1950–2008
This paper considers how coups impact democratization. Current research focuses on coups as a threat to consolidated and fledgling democracies. Policymakers have adapted to this viewpoint by treatingExpand
Learning Democracy: Education and the Fall of Authoritarian Regimes
Studies on what causes a state to democratize have focused on economic, social, and international factors. Many of them argue that higher levels of education should promote democracy. However, fewExpand