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On Intersectionality: A Review Essay
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The Politics of Narrative, Narrative as Politic: Rethinking Reproductive Justice Frameworks through the South Dakota Abortion Story
The article examines the 2006 struggle over abortion rights in South Dakota in order to consider the circulation of narratives on two distinct, but intersecting scales: first, the use of women’sExpand
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Medicalization of Birth in the United States Through The Lens of The Handmaid's Tale
The TV series The Handmaid’s Tale, based on the bestselling book by Margaret Atwood, provides the audience with a visual experience which leaves them with indelible impressions of socialExpand
Unbecoming: Visibility Politics and Queer Rurality
Author(s): Thomsen, Carly Ann | Advisor(s): Rupp, Leila | Abstract: Unbecoming: Visibility Politics and Queer Rurality critically analyzes calls for LGBTQ people to be "out, loud, and proud" throughExpand
Abortion as Gender Transgression: Reproductive Justice, Queer Theory, and Anti–Crisis Pregnancy Center Activism
“Abortion as Gender Transgression” tells the story of End Fake Clinics, a queer reproductive justice student club at the University of California, Santa Barbara, that worked with their studentExpand
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Aborting Narratives: Women, Rhetoric and Politics in South Dakota’s Abortion Wars
In 2006, I was working at the White Earth Land Recovery Project, a reservation-based non-profit organization in northern Minnesota on a plethora of projects relating to environmental, economic andExpand
Metronormativity as legacy
Becoming Radically Undone: Discourses of Identity and Diversity in the Introductory Gender and Women’s Studies Classroom
AbstractI suggest here that introductory Gender and Women’s Studies courses must teach students the narratives that feminism tells about itself and of related activist movements and that we also mustExpand