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The Malacca Straits
Abstract The Malacca Straits have long been an important trade route linking the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. From the seventh to the eleventh century, the Srivijaya empireExpand
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Essential elements of integrated coastal zone management
The coastal zone comprises a narrow strip of coastal lowlands and a vast area of coastal waters. While the coastal zone represents approximately 10% of the earth's surface, its coastal lowlands areExpand
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From sectoral to integrated coastal management: a case in Xiamen, China
Abstract Xiamen has been selected as a demonstration site for the GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pollution in the East Asian Seas. Its purpose is to testExpand
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The essential elements of science and management in coastal environmental managements
Coastal environmental management requires timely and appropriate policy, management and technological interventions to address a host of interrelated environmental problems arising from unplanned andExpand
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Climate changes and sea level rise: Implications on coastal area utilization and management in South-east Asia
Abstract By the next century, global warming due to an intensifying greenhouse effect could cause profound climate changes and accelerate sea level rise. These may have significant effects on theExpand
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An ecological study of the Ponggol Estuary in Singapore
Abstract1.An ecological study of the Ponggol Estuary was conducted from July 1965 to June 1966 and the seasonal data on physical, chemical and biological characteristics were presented.2.The PonggolExpand
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Marine Pollution Prevention and Management in the East Asian Seas: A Paradigm Shift in Concept, Approach and Methodology
A brief analysis of the current situation pertaining to marine pollution prevention and management in the East Asian Seas is outlined, particularly focusing on pollution arising from both land andExpand
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