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Simultaneous real-time x-ray diffraction spectroscopy, Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, and sheet resistance measurements to study thin film growth kinetics by Kissinger plots
When the Kissinger method is used to investigate thin film growth kinetics, activation energies obtained are often significantly higher than those of Arrhenius plots based on isothermal studies. TheExpand
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Barrier distribution for a ‘superheavy’ nucleus–nucleus collision
Abstract Large-angle quasielastic scattering has been studied in a high- Z 1 Z 2 nuclear reaction of the type leading to superheavy-element production by cold fusion. We show that despite theExpand
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Fabrication and characterisation of gold-doped silicon Schottky barrier detectors
1. IntroductionIn an ongoing attempt to produce radiationExpand
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Recent Results from the Experimental Nuclear Structure Program at iThemba LABS
The nuclear structure research program at iThemba LABS is based on the use of both light and heavy ions from the k=200 separated sector cyclotron. In a brief overview of some recent results theExpand
Real-time ERD analysis of hydrogen retention in silicon during ramped thermal anneal
Abstract Hydrogen implantation in silicon has been shown to be an effective means of inducing cleavage in Si wafers, thereby facilitating the transfer of thin Si slices to other substrates. ElasticExpand
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Nucleation and diffusion during growth of ternary Co1−xNixSi2 thin films studied by complementary techniques in real time
The growth kinetics of ternary Co1−xNixSi2 thin films was studied in real time. The “Kissinger” method was applied to the results of ramped sheet resistance measurements to extract the apparentExpand
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Capture cross sections for very heavy systems
In intermediate-mass systems, collective excitations of the target and projectile can greatly enhance the subbarrier capture cross section σcap by giving rise to a distribution of Coulomb barriers.Expand
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