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Gravity inversion of a fault by Marquardt's method
A computer program in standard BASIC, based upon Marquardt's method is developed and applied to a typical gravity anomaly of a fault. Expand
Preseismic electric field "strange attractor" like precursor analysis applied on large (Ms > 5.5R) EQs, which occurred in Greece during December 1st, 2007 - April 30th, 2008
In order to investigate the capability of the preseismic electric field "strange attractor like" precursor as a time predictor of a large EQ within a short time window (short-term prediction), theExpand
Periodic variations in the Earth's electric field as earthquake precursors: Results from recent experiments in Greece
Abstract The results obtained during an extensive investigation of the variations in the Earth's electric field at three tectonically active areas in Greece, and their relation to the occurrence ofExpand
Amplitude modulated, by M1, Earth's oscillating (T = 1 day) electric field triggered by K1 tidal waves. Its relation to the occurrence time of large EQs
Starting from the observation that quite often the Earth's oscillating electric field varies in amplitude, a mechanism is postulated that accounts for these observations. That mechanism is theExpand
How "Short" a "Short-term earthquake prediction" can be? A review of the case of Skyros Island,Greece, EQ (26/7/2001, Ms = 6.1 R)
The earthquake of Skyros Island in Greece (26/7/2001, Ms = 6.1 R) was announced three days before its occurrence in a meeting organized by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia on 2001. In thisExpand
On a preseismic electric field "strange attractor" like precursor observed short before large earthquakes
The Earth's electric field, recorded by two different and distant monitoring sites located in Greece, is analyzed in terms of monochromatic signals (T=24h). The analysis is based on the mappingExpand
Infrasonic resonances observed in small passengercars travelling on motorways
In this work some details of the infrasonic spectra obtained inside a small passenger carby making narrow-band analysis are presented. Infrasonic resonances with appreciable amplitude and relativelyExpand
Preseismic oscillating electric field "strange attractor like" precursor, of T = 6 months, triggered by Ssa tidal wave. Application on large (Ms > 6.0R) EQs in Greece (October 1st, 2006 - December
In this work the preseismic "strange attractor like" precursor is studied, in the domain of the Earth's oscillating electric field for T = 6 months. It is assumed that the specific oscillatingExpand
"Short-term time prediction" of large EQs by the use of "Large Scale Piezoelectricity" generated by the focal areas loaded with excess stress load
In this work, it is demonstrated that the Earth's preseismic electric field, which is registered by a pair of electrodes in contact to the ground surface at certain distance from the epicentral area,Expand