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Aktuelle Wertigkeit der HPV-Testung in der klinischen Praxis
There is not enough evidence today to support the routine use of HPV typing in common clinical practice, and there are no clinical studies available demonstrating the safety and efficacy of HPV typed, either alone or in combination with cervical cytology, in population-based screening programmes. Expand
CD44-Splice-Varianten als Prognosefaktoren beim invasiven Zervixkarzinom
Fragestellung: Eine aberrante Expression von spezifischen Isoformen (Splice-Varianten) des Adhasionsmolekuls CD44 wurde in verschiedenen malignen Tumoren des Menschen nachgewiesen. Wir wollten abklare
Hormonsubstitution und Mammakarzinomscreening
Data support the omission of continuous combined HRT, the cessation of HRT 2-4 weeks before mammography, and the use of tibolone, especially in women with dense breasts, however, the effect of these interventions on the sensitivity and specificity of mammography are unproven. Expand
Assoziationsstudien von Polymorphismen zur Risikoevaluierung in der Schwangerschaft: Literaturübersicht und Metaanalyse
It is concluded that the F-V-Leiden G1691A, FII G20210A, and ACT Met235Thr polymorphisms are significant risk factors for preeclampsia, pregnancy-associated thrombosis, and early and late miscarriages. Expand
Habituelle Aborte – was sagt uns die neue Leitlinie?
The S2k guidelines have standardized the diagnostic procedure and treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion based on the current international literature and were compiled with specific consideration of known risk factors, such as chromosomal, anatomical, endocrinological, coagulation physiological, infectious and immunological disorders. Expand
Das Bethesda-System ― eine Verbesserung der Klassifikation der Zervixzytologie?
The results underline the importance of colposcopy in the management of cervical dysplasia as long as conisation is commonly used in German-speaking countries as the only diagnostic tool after an abnormal cervical smear the Bethesda System increases the risk of overtreatment. Expand
Infektionen in der Reproduktionsmedizin
This article addresses the above-mentioned issues and highlights that some of the potential infectious risk factors are theoretical risks rather than real clinical problems. Expand
Diagnostik und Therapie beim wiederholten Spontanabort. Leitlinie der DGGG (S1-Level, AWMF-Registernummer 015/050, Dezember 2013)
Recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with RM were compiled which took the importance of chromosomal, ana- tomical, endocrine, hemostatic, psychological, in- fectious and immunological disorders into con- sideration. Expand
Pharmakogenomik in der Frauenheilkunde
Thema Biochemikern, ob eine individuelle Hormonersatztherapie (HRT) sinnvoll ist and wie sie konkret aussehen soll, wird nicht nur durch rezente Untersuchungen aktualisiert. Expand