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Representative marketing-oriented study on implants in the Austrian population. I. Level of information, sources of information and need for patient information.
The number of dental implants inserted annually worldwide has been estimated to come close to a million. But the level of information available to patients about realistic, evidence-based treatmentExpand
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The Evolving Concept of Retail Attractiveness: what makes retail agglomerations attractive when customers shop at them?
This paper attempts to contribute to a more thorough understanding of the on-site (in vivo) evaluation of retail agglomerations once shoppers have already made their destination choices. To addressExpand
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What a Waste! Exploring the Human Reality of Food Waste from the Store Manager's Perspective
Food waste is a major problem in industrialized nations, and thus a better understanding of this phenomenon and its inherent complexity is imperative. As gatekeeper to the food supply chain, theExpand
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A model for structuring efficient consumer response measures
We propose a model which structures and links different types of efficient consumer response (ECR) measures in ECR, emphasizing the importance and causal role of “soft” measures throughout the ECR process. Expand
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Shopping streets versus shopping malls – determinants of agglomeration format attractiveness from the consumers' point of view
The decline of shopping streets and the rise of shopping malls have been major trends in European retailing for decades. So far, research has failed to investigate this shift of agglomeration formatExpand
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Representative marketing-oriented study on implants in the Austrian population. II. Implant acceptance, patient-perceived cost and patient satisfaction.
Oral implantology is an established subspecialty of restorative dental and oral surgery. While an extensive body of evidence on the fundamentals of osseointegration and associated factors has beenExpand
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Supply chain capabilities, risks, and resilience
Supply chain resilience is an operational capability that enables a disrupted or broken supply chain to reconstruct itself and be stronger than before. This paper examines resilience using theExpand
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Hedonic and utilitarian shopper types in evolved and created retail agglomerations
This paper focuses on the impact of hedonic and utilitarian values of shopping on retail agglomeration patronage issues, in particular on shopping behaviour and the perception of retailExpand
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Retail Store Operations and Food Waste
Abstract This paper focuses on the issue of food waste from a retail and store operations perspective, with the aim to identify the root causes of food waste occurrence at a retail store level acrossExpand
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Value-adding partnerships and co-opetition models in the grocery industry
Leading representatives of the European grocery industry formed the European efficient consumer response initiative in 1995. The goal of this strategic alliance is set to reengineer the way in whichExpand
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