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Mean Value and Correlation Problems connected with the Motion of Small Particles suspended in a turbulent fluid
A theoretical treatment of diffusion as function of turbulence, by working out the dispersion of small particles in turbulent fluid. The method of Kolmogoroff is used to decribe the movement in aExpand
A turbulent flow with a given spatial pattern of mean motion invariant with time is treated. No solid boundary is considered. By means of the Fourier analysis of the NavierStokes equation, it isExpand
Transport Processes as Foundations of the Heisenberg and Obukhoff Theories of Turbulence
The transfer of energy across the spectrum is investigated by the method of the harmonic analysis of the Navier-Stokes equation. The phase correlation which enters into the transfer is determined byExpand
Motion of Small Particles in Skew Shape Suspended in a Viscous Liquid
The resistance experienced by a curved and elongated small particle is studied by the method of velocity perturbations. The fundamental equations determining the perturbations are derived from theExpand
Random Flight with Multiple Partial Correlations
The fundamental statistical properties of a linear polymer can be best studied by a more general model of random flight with multiple partial correlations. Results show that the problems of freeExpand
Diffusion of Particles in Turbulent Flow
The turbulent diffusion of particles is studied on the basis of statistical mechanics of the many-body problem. The coefficient of diffusion is calculated explicitly in terms of the interactionExpand
Strong turbulence in low-β plasmas
An investigation of the spectral structure of turbulence in a plasma confined by a strong homogeneous magnetic field was made by means of a fluid description. The turbulent spectrum is divided intoExpand
Abstract : The fundamental aspects of turbulence are reviewed. Great emphasis is laid on an intuitive development of the characteristic features of homogeneous and isotropic turbulence. The limitedExpand
Stability of Oscillations of Superposed Fluids
The Stokes‐Taylor instability of the interface of two superposed fluids is studied. The two uniform layers of heavy fluids are of different densities and viscosities and are incompressible. SurfaceExpand
Interfacial Waves in Viscoelastic Media
The stability of waves on the interface of two superposed semi‐infinite layers of incompressible media is studied. The two uniform layers are of different densities and different viscoelasticExpand