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Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity
Preface Part I. Identity and the Good: 1. Inescapable frameworks 2. The self in moral space 3. Ethics of inarticulacy 4. Moral sources Part II: Inwardness: 5. Moral topography 6. Plato's self-masteryExpand
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Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition.
Preface (1994) ix Preface and Acknowledgments xiii PART ONE 1 Introduction Amy Gutmann 3 The Politics of Recognition Charles Taylor 25 Comment Susan Wolf 75 Comment Steven C. Rockefeller 87 CommentExpand
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The malaise of modernity
The aim of this paper is to understand the culture of authenticity, a term used by Charles Taylor to refer to modernity. The so-called culture of authenticity generated three ailments still stronglyExpand
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The Ethics of Authenticity
In a discussion of ideas and ideologies from Nietzsche to Gail Sheehy, from Allan Bloom to Michel Foucault, the author sorts out the good from the harmful in the modern cultivation of an authenticExpand
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Human Agency and Language: Philosophical Papers
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The Primacy of Perception: And Other Essays on Phenomenological Psychology, the Philosophy of Art, History and Politics
The Primacy of Perception brings together a number of important studies by Maurice Merleau-Ponty that appeared in various publications from 1947 to 1961. The title essay, which is in essence aExpand
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What's wrong with negative liberty
This is an attempt to resolve one of the issues that separate ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ theories of freedom, as these have been distinguished in Isaiah Berlin's seminal essay, ‘Two concepts ofExpand
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The Impact of Saudi Arabia King Abdullah's Scholarship Program in the U.S.
This paper provides an overview of the current Saudi educational landscape in the U.S. Information is provided on the King Abdullah Scholarship Program that makes it possible for Saudi students toExpand
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Foucault on Freedom and Truth
Foucault disconcerts. In a number of ways, perhaps. But the way I want to examine is this: certain of Foucault's most interesting historical analyses, while they are highly original, seem to lieExpand
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