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Crisis or adaptation? Migration and climate change in a context of high mobility
The impacts of climate change are likely to affect population distribution and mobility. While alarmist predictions of massive flows of refugees are not supported by past experiences of responses toExpand
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Rural-urban interactions: a guide to the literature
TO DATE, MOST development theory andpractice have focused on either “urban” or“rural” issues with little consideration of theinterrelations between the two. By contrast,several empirical studies showExpand
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Urbanization and its implications for food and farming
This paper discusses the influences on food and farming of an increasingly urbanized world and a declining ratio of food producers to food consumers. Urbanization has been underpinned by the rapidExpand
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The links between urban and rural development
THIS IS THE second issue of Environment &Urbanization focusing on rural–urban linkages. The first, which came out in 1998, described the reliance of many low-income households on both rural-based andExpand
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Changing rural–urban linkages in Mali, Nigeria and Tanzania
This paper compares and contrasts changing rural–urban linkages drawing on research in six case study areas in Mali, Nigeria and Tanzania. The aim of the research was to gain a better understandingExpand
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International Migration and the Restructuring of Gender Asymmetries: Continuity and Change among Filipino Labor Migrants in Rome 1
This article examines the different factors which may explain gender-selectivity among Filipino labor migrants in Rome, where women are around 70 percent of this nationality group. Following theExpand
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Exploring mobility and migration in the context of rural—urban linkages: why gender and generation matter
This paper draws on case studies in Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania and Vietnam to explore the different ways in which migration intersects with the changing relations between rural and urban areas andExpand
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