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Revisione della fauna pliocenica di Rio Albonello. II: Onoba rinaldii n. sp. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Rissoidae)
EnglishThe genus Onoba H.& A. Adams, 1852, is recorded for the first time from Pliocene based on the new taxon Onoba rinaldii n.sp., from the Piacenzian of Rio Albonello (Brisighella, Ravenna,
Considerazioni su lepton subtrigonum fischer, de folin & p6rier ex jeffreys ms., 1873 e lepton lacerum fischer, de folin & mrier ex jeffreys ms., 1873 (Bivalvia: leptonidae)
The analysis of three different thanatocoenoses from the North and the Middle Adriatic Sea lead to the finding of three loose valves and one complete specimen of a species that the AA ascribed to Lepton subtrigonum Fischer, de Folin & Perier ex Jeffreys ms.
Revisione della malacofauna pliocenica di Rio Albonello. IV - Due taxa dimenticati di Giuseppe Seguenza.
EnglishThe Sicilian paleontologist Giuseppe Seguenza (1833-1889) built-up a rich collection of fossils in which heplaced most of the type material of the taxa he described. After his premature death,
Revisione della malacofauna pliocenica di Rio Albonello. I. La presenza del genere PelycidionFischer in Folin & Périer, 1873: (Gastropoda, Pelycidiidae)
EnglishAllixia acicularis postica Gougerot, Fekih & Le Renard, 1977 (Fam. Pelycidiidae) is here ranked to a full species status, and Allixia Cossmann, 1913 is considered as a junior synonim of