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Fretting corrosion tests on orthopedic plates and screws made of ASTM F138 stainless steel
We correlate the surface finish characteristics of bone plate-screw systems with fretting corrosion and demonstrate its influence on the structural integrity of osteosynthesis implants. Expand
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Magnetostriction of the polycrystalline Fe80Al20 alloy doped with boron
Abstract The doping of Fe80Al20 polycrystalline alloy with 2% of boron increased the total magnetostriction twofold compared to a sample without boron. A value close to 80 ppm was achieved at 300 K.Expand
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Improved magnetostriction of Fe72Ga28 boron doped alloys
In order to investigate the effect of boron additions in the magnetostrictive behavior of Fe72Ga28 alloy, this alloy was doped with 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 at.% of boron. The results have shown thatExpand
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Chemical and Microstructural Characterization of Modular Femoral Stems Manufactured in ISO 5832-9 Stainless Steel
The aim of this study is to evaluate and compare the chemical composition and microstructure of two femoral stems manufactured in ISO 5832-9 austenitic stainless steel by different manufacturers.Expand
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Magnetostriction of Fe–Sn polycrystalline alloys
Abstract In the present work we study the magnetostriction of Fe 91 Sn 9 and Fe 80 Sn 20 polycrystalline samples produced by arc melting and heat treated at temperatures of 1153 K for 6 h and 1023 KExpand
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Study of composition and structure of demineralized bone using X-ray techniques
Abstract The aim of this study is to compare the composition and structure of cortical bones with different stages of in-vitro demineralization from the micro (10–500 μm) to the nano-scale levelExpand
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