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Natural Vegetation of Oregon and Washington
Revised edition of the author's "Vegetation of Oregon and Washington", originally published by the U.S. Forest Service in 1973. Reprinted with new bibliographic supplement by the OSU Press in 1988.
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The Alaska vegetation classification.
Viereck, L.A.; Dyrness, C.T.; Batten, A.R.; Wenzlick, K.J. 1992. The Alaska vegetation classification. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-286. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service,Expand
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Productivity and nutrient cycling in taiga forest ecosystems
This paper considers the productivity and nutrient cycling in examples of the major forest types in interior Alaska. These ecosystem properties are examined from the standpoint of the control exert...
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ronment characterized by drastic seasonal fluctuations in day length and temperature, a short growing season, low soil temperatures, and permafrost (Van Cleve and Alexander 1981). The taiga is partExpand
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An overview of the vegetation and soils of the floodplain ecosystems of the Tanana River, interior Alaska
The soils and vegetation of 12 stages of forest succession on the floodplain of the Tanana River are described. Succession begins with the invasion of newly deposited alluvium by willows (Salix spp.)Expand
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Vegetation, soils, and forest productivity in selected forest types in interior Alaska
Vegetation, forest productivity, and soils of 23 forest stands in the taiga of interior Alaska are described. The stands are arranged on an environmental gradient from an aspen (PopulustremuloidesExpand
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Taiga Ecosystems in Interior Alaska
For several years the University of Alaska and the Institute of Northern Forestry (USDA Forest Service) have conducted a multidisciplinary study of interior-Alaska forest ecosystems, especially theExpand
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Early Stages of Plant Succession Following Logging and Burning in the Western Cascades of Oregon
Vegetative changes were documented for 7 years on permanent milacre plots located in three clearcut logged units in the western Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Plant cover and composition were observedExpand
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The effects of experimental fires on black spruce forest floors in interior Alaska
Seven units (about 2 ha each) of black spruce – feather moss forest were experimentally burned over a range of fuel moisture conditions during the summer of 1978. Surface woody fuels were sparse an...
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Control of soil development on the Tanana River floodplain, interior Alaska
Alluvial soils on the Tanana River floodplain near Fairbanks, Alaska, were examined for development of physical and chemical properties in relation to soil depth and across a 200-year vegetationExpand
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