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Nearctic walnut leafminers invade Europe: first Coptodisca lucifluella (Clemens, 1860) and now Coptodisca juglandiella (Chambers, 1874) (Lepidoptera, Heliozelidae)
The Nearctic leafminer of black walnut Coptodisca juglandiella (Chambers, 1874) was found in Hungary and reported as new for Europe and the genitalia of C. juglandsiella are described for the first time.
Traits in Lepidoptera assemblages are differently influenced by local and landscape scale factors in farmland habitat islands
Semi-natural grassland islands have a key role in slowing down biodiversity decline in intensively cultivated agricultural landscapes. Assemblages in such habitat patches are not only limited by
Rediscovery of Glyphipterix loricatella in Hungary (Lepidoptera: Glyphipterigidae).
Historical data of Glyphipterix loricatella are discussed, and the lectotype specimen is figured.
Microlepidoptera caught in traps baited with lures containing pear ester and acetic acid in Hungary
By tendency of relative catches, microlepidopterans captured could be divided into two groups: in the first group the PEAA blend resulted in higher catches than single components and in the second group only the presence of AA was responsible for attractivity.
New data to the Microlepidoptera fauna of Hungary, part XVI (Lepidoptera: Autostichidae, Coleophoridae, Gelechiidae, Gracillariidae, Pyralidae, Tortricidae)*
Eight species of Microlepidoptera are recorded from Hungary for the fi rst time: Sym- moca signatella Herrich-Schaff er, 1854 (Autostichidae), Coleophora bornicensis Fuchs, 1886 (Coleo- phoridae),