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The South African Germplasm Collection of Groundnut, Arachis hypogaea L., and its utility
Groundnut is an important crop for both the commercial and developing farmer in South Africa, providing a source of plant protein and oil. Commercial production varies from 80 000 to 200 000 tons perExpand
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Prevalence of hepatitis virus and some arbovirus infections in Kavango, northern SWA/Namibia.
A survey of the frequency of hepatitis B markers in 258 subjects from Kavango, northern South West Africa/Namibia, was undertaken during February - May 1983. The hepatitis B surface antigen andExpand
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Evaluation of a rapid test for HIV antibodies in saliva and blood.
OBJECTIVE To test whole blood and saliva for HIV antibodies (anti-HIV) using a rapid test strip capillary flow immunoassay, and to correlate the test strip results with blood specimen resultsExpand
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Utilising South Africa's largest river: The physiographic background to the Orange River scheme
The Orange River, with an average annual runoff of 11 500 million m3, is the largest among South Africa's rivers, drains 48% of the total area of the country and provides for 22% of the total SouthExpand
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HIV and HTLV-I survey in Venda.
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An experimental assessment of the tampan tick Ornithodoros moubata as vector of hepatitis B virus
Abstract. Wild‐caught and colonized tampan ticks, Ornithodoros moubata (Murray), were fed on hepatitis B virus (HBV)‐positive blood‐means in a series of four experiments.
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HTLV-I seropositivity in east Caprivi, SWA/Namibia.
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Immunological abnormalities in South African homosexual men.
Immunological tests of cell-mediated immunity (CMI), serological tests for antibodies to sexually transmitted and possibly immunosuppressive viruses, determination of serum immunoglobulin levels,Expand
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Release of Rambo, a new groundnut cultivar
The groundnut industry in South Africa has, for some time, been in need of a large kernel cultivar for both the kernel and pod confectionary market. The only available cultivars until now were Billy,Expand