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Aspects of oral art and the genesis of Southern-Sotho literature: 1833–1863
With interest in the literary history of Southern Africa in an upward phase at the moment, it is being realized more and more that adequate source studies, especially on the early days of theExpand
Kweetsa ya pelo ya motho (NP Maake): Narrative of human behaviour in political turmoil
Literature of the struggle in South Africa existed long before restrictions on publications were officially lifted. While most was in manuscript form and/or exsisted orally, some did find their wayExpand
Perspectives on African drama
In terms of output play-writing in the various African literatures of southern Africa constitutes a body of literature that should be acknowledged. This includes the role of the radio since it hasExpand
Evolution of genres in Southern-Sotho literature
The evolution of genres in Southern Sotho is considered in this article, in view of their fecundation from the oral heritage and neighbouring literatures, and with reference to the problematicalExpand
An exploration of J.J. Moiloa's 'Thesele, ngwana Mmamokgatjhane', the epic tradition, and the oral-written interface
L'A. tente de definir le genre litteraire de l'epopee dans la tradition litteraire africaine : caracteristiques narratives et stylistiques, morphologie et modele structural. Il confronte son analyseExpand
Southern Sotho poetry, 1833–1931: Historical and literary aspects of the oral-written interface
Written poetry in Southern Sotho is just over 150 years old, and it is generally agreed that the interaction between the oral and the written traditions has been considerable. A complicating factorExpand
Historicity and Mofolo's Chaka: A comparison of text and possible sources
There is no proof that Mofolo consulted specific historical sources. The possibility that he may have worked with some oral and written sources is based on three factors: agreement in certain aspectsExpand
Catalogue versification in Southern Sotho
The article investigates the use of the catalogue as a compositional device in Southern Sotho poetry, both oral and modern. Occurring frequently in the poems of such oral poets as Griffith andExpand