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Ultrasonic metamaterials with negative modulus
The emergence of artificially designed subwavelength electromagnetic materials, denoted metamaterials1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, has significantly broadened the range of material responses found in nature.Expand
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Optical Negative Refraction in Bulk Metamaterials of Nanowires
Negative refraction in metamaterials has generated great excitement in the scientific community. Although negative refraction has been realized in microwave and infrared by using metamaterials and byExpand
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Western tropical Pacific multidecadal variability forced by the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation
Observational analysis suggests that the western tropical Pacific (WTP) sea surface temperature (SST) shows predominant variability over multidecadal time scales, which is unlikely to be explained byExpand
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Magnetic plasmon hybridization and optical activity at optical frequencies in metallic nanostructures
The excitation of optical magnetic plasmons in chiral metallic nanostructures based on a magnetic dimer is studied theoretically. Hybridization of the magnetic plasmon modes and a type of opticalExpand
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Maskless Plasmonic Lithography at 22 nm Resolution
Optical imaging and photolithography promise broad applications in nano-electronics, metrologies, and single-molecule biology. Light diffraction however sets a fundamental limit on opticalExpand
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Plasmonic Nanolithography
In this paper, we demonstrate high-density nanolithography by utilizing surface plasmons (SPs). SPs are excited on an aluminum substrate perforated with 2-D hole arrays using a near UV light sourceExpand
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Quantifying different types of urban growth and the change dynamic in Guangzhou using multi-temporal remote sensing data
Abstract There is a widespread concern about urban sprawl. It has negative impacts on natural resources, economic health, and community character. Without a universal definition of urban sprawl, itsExpand
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A transparent broadband ultrasonic detector based on an optical micro-ring resonator for photoacoustic microscopy
Photoacoustic microscopy (PAM) does not rely on contrast agent to image the optical absorption contrast in biological tissue. It is uniquely suited for measuring several tissue physiologicalExpand
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Cloaking of matter waves.
Invariant transformation for quantum mechanical systems is proposed. A cloaking of matter wave can be realized at given energy by designing the potential and effective mass of the matter waves in theExpand
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