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Does the type of implant prosthesis affect outcomes in the partially edentulous patient?
PURPOSE Implant restoration of the partially edentulous patient has become highly predictable. The scientific information on the specifics of restorative designs and their influence on the long-termExpand
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Intercalation of anti-inflammatory drug molecules within TiO2 nanotubes
Medical implants such as orthopedic, dental, and vascular stents may require subsequent drug therapy regiments to prevent infection or decrease inflammation. Drug release derived directly from theExpand
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Effects of nicotine on gene expression and osseointegration in rats.
BACKGROUND While many studies have focused on the hazardous effects of smoking, there is little direct evidence regarding the specific detrimental effects of the nicotine on the osseointegration ofExpand
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Which factors influence students' selection of advanced graduate programs? One institution's experience.
The reasons that students choose certain specialties may be integral to the quality of specialty programs and the future of those specialties. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) has a highExpand
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The role of nicotine, cotinine and caffeine on the electrochemical behavior and bacterial colonization to cp-Ti.
Although smoking promotes deleterious effect to bone healing, there is a lack of study investigating its role on the implant structure and biofilm growth. We hypothesized that nicotine, cotinine andExpand
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The influence of different implant materials on human gingival fibroblast morphology, proliferation, and gene expression.
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the cellular response of human gingival fibroblasts (HGFs) cultured on smooth or rough zirconia (Zr) or titanium (Ti) disks. MATERIALS AND METHODSExpand
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The effect of systemic nicotine on osseointegration of titanium implants in the rat femur.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether high levels of plasma nicotine, delivered via subcutaneously placed mini-osmotic pumps, had an effect on bone development and osseointegration of aExpand
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Thermally oxidized titania nanotubes enhance the corrosion resistance of Ti6Al4V.
The negative impact of in vivo corrosion of metallic biomedical implants remains a complex problem in the medical field. We aimed to determine the effects of electrochemical anodization (60V, 2h) andExpand
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Biomechanical Evaluation of Osseous Implants Having Different Surface Topographies in Rats
Biomechanical and biological factors can co-dependently influence the establishment of implant-tissue integration; thus, concurrent evaluation of these factors should provide a better understandingExpand
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Problem-based learning at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine: self-assessment of performance in postdoctoral training.
Problem-based learning (PBL) was implemented into the dental curriculum at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) in 1994 with an expectation that this pedagogy would enhance students' criticalExpand
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