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Fixed drug eruption caused by 8-chlorotheophylline in dramamine with clinical and histologic studies.
The designation “fixed drug eruption'' was probably first used by Brocq (1), whose description may be briefly summarized as follows: Dusky red, later brownish plaques, with well-defined borders, andExpand
Acne necrotica; relation to acne necrotica miliaris and response to penicillin and other antibiotics.
ACNE NECROTICA miliaris was first described in the American literature by Lane in 1933.1He quoted Sabouraud, who first described the disease in 19282as an abortive form of acne necroticaExpand
Treatment of tinea capitis with a new antifungal compound; preliminary report.
The present report deals with results attending the use of a new antifungal compound which more nearly approximates having these properties than previous compounds introduced for the treatment of tinea capitis. Expand
Paramethasone, a new corticosteroid, in selected dermatoses; preliminary report.
During the past several years there has been a concentrated attack upon the problem of divorcing the anti-inflammatory effect of systemic corticosteroids from the sequelae, but it is doubtful that this will be accomplished, since it appears probable that any attempt to do so will be unsuccessful. Expand
Hydrocortisone (compound F) free alcohol and hydrocortisone acetate for topical use; a clinical evaluation.
The following clinical study was done to compare the effects of hydrocortisone free alcohol and hydrocortisone acetate as topical medicaments and to evaluate the most practical concentration forExpand
Dermatitis of the face caused by guanine in pearly nail lacquer.
  • C. Stritzler
  • Medicine
  • A.M.A. archives of dermatology
  • 1 August 1958
Patch tests with the various ingredients in the nail lacquer, including the solvent, plasticizer, resin, and pigment, were negative, but patch tests to the pearly material were positive, and patch tests with pure powdered guanine were positive. Expand
Mycosis fungoides resisting treatment with both nitrogen mustard and anti-reticular cytotoxic serum.
Prednisolone topically and systemically; a clinical evaluation in selected dermatosea: preliminary report.
The following is a preliminary report on the clinical effects of both topical and oral administration of prednisolone in a variety of dermatologic disorders. Expand