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Hydraulic Analysis of Water Flow through Leaves of Sugar Maple and Red Oak1
Leaves constitute a substantial fraction of the total resistance to water flow through plants. A key question is how hydraulic resistance within the leaf is distributed among petiole, major veins,Expand
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Leaf palmate venation and vascular redundancy confer tolerance of hydraulic disruption
Leaf venation is a showcase of plant diversity, ranging from the grid-like network in grasses, to a wide variety of dendritic systems in other angiosperms. A principal function of the venation is toExpand
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1,3-dichloropropene: two-generation inhalation reproduction study in Fischer 344 rats.
This study evaluated the effects of inhaled technical-grade 1,3-dichloropropene (DCPT) on reproduction and neonatal growth and survival. Groups of 30 male and 30 female Fischer 344 rats,Expand
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The objective of this research project was to service load test a representative sample of old reinforced concrete bridges (some of them historic and some of them scheduled for demolition) with theExpand
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