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Examining the relationship between leadership and emotional intelligence in senior level managers
Investigates whether emotional intelligence measured by the Swinburne University Emotional Intelligence Test predicted transformational, transactional and laissez‐faire leadership styles measured byExpand
Occupational stress in universities: Staff perceptions of the causes, consequences and moderators of stress
In recent years, the Australian university sector has undergone large-scale organizational change, including restructuring, downsizing and government funding cuts. At the same time, research fromExpand
Occupational stress in Australian university staff: results from a national survey
This article presents results from a study of occupational stress in Australian university staff. The authors report data on psychological strain and job satisfaction from nearly 9,000 respondents atExpand
Emotional intelligence and life satisfaction
Abstract This study examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and life satisfaction. To determine the nature of this relationship, personality constructs known to predict lifeExpand
A psychometric evaluation of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test Version 2.0
Abstract There has been some debate recently over the scoring, reliability and factor structure of ability measures of emotional intelligence (EI). This study examined these three psychometricExpand
Chronic MDMA (ecstasy) use, cognition and mood
These results suggest that MDMA users exhibit difficulties in coding information into long-term memory, display impaired verbal learning, are more easily distracted, and are less efficient at focusing attention on complex tasks. Expand
Evaluation of cognitive performance in the heat by functional brain imaging and psychometric testing.
Results indicated that subjects experienced increasing cardiovascular strain through thermally neutral to thermally straining conditions, which are suggestive of the high sensitivity of brain imaging techniques with high temporal resolution to identify important decrements in cognitive performance in hostile environments. Expand
An examination of the effects of the antioxidant Pycnogenol® on cognitive performance, serum lipid profile, endocrinological and oxidative stress biomarkers in an elderly population
The study examines the effects of the antioxidant flavonoid Pycnogenol on a range of cognitive and biochemical measures in healthy elderly individuals. The study used a double-blind,Expand
The effects of cannabis and alcohol on simulated driving: Influences of dose and experience.
Driving simulator performance was more impaired in the THC and alcohol combined conditions, and regular cannabis users displayed more driving errors than non-regular cannabis users. Expand
An examination of the factor structure of the schutte self-report emotional intelligence (SSREI) scale via confirmatory factor analysis
Abstract Research to-date on the dimensionality of the Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence (SSREI; Schutte et al., 1998 ) scale appears to support a four-factor interpretation, correspondingExpand