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Moralization and Becoming a Vegetarian: The Transformation of Preferences Into Values and the Recruitment of Disgust
We describe a rather common process that we call moralization, in which objects or activities that were previously morally neutral acquire a moral component. Moralization converts preferences into
Chocolate craving and liking
Based on correlational data, there is little evidence for a relation between addiction to chocolate or the pharmacological effects of chocolate and the liking for chocolate.
Children's behavioral understanding of knowledge acquisition
Abstract Young children often absorb the information they are taught without being aware they are learning something new. In two experiments, we tested the hypothesis that children are more aware of
The development of children's ability to fill the gaps in their knowledge by consulting experts.
Children's ability to recognize gaps in their knowledge and seek missing information from appropriate informants is investigated and only 6-year-olds were consistently able to recognize when they did not know answers and then assign test questions correctly.
Is there a general tendency to become addicted?
It is concluded that there is little basis for the assumption of a general tendency to become addicted, a conclusion which casts doubt on the derivative notion of an addictive personality.