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Vision meets robotics: The KITTI dataset
We present a novel dataset captured from a VW station wagon for use in mobile robotics and autonomous driving research. In total, we recorded 6 hours of traffic scenarios at 10–100 Hz using a varietyExpand
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StereoScan: Dense 3d reconstruction in real-time
Accurate 3d perception from video sequences is a core subject in computer vision and robotics, since it forms the basis of subsequent scene analysis. In practice however, online requirements oftenExpand
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Three Decades of Driver Assistance Systems: Review and Future Perspectives
This contribution provides a review of fundamental goals, development and future perspectives of driver assistance systems. Mobility is a fundamental desire of mankind. Virtually any society strivesExpand
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Trajectory planning for Bertha — A local, continuous method
In this paper, we present the strategy for trajectory planning that was used on-board the vehicle that completed the 103 km of the Bertha-Benz-Memorial-Route fully autonomously. We suggest a local,Expand
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Segmentation of 3D lidar data in non-flat urban environments using a local convexity criterion
Present object detection methods working on 3D range data are so far either optimized for unstructured offroad environments or flat urban environments. We present a fast algorithm able to deal withExpand
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Velodyne SLAM
Estimating a vehicles' own trajectory and generating precise maps of the environment are both important tasks for intelligent vehicles. Especially for the second task laser scanners are the sensor ofExpand
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Joint self-localization and tracking of generic objects in 3D range data
  • F. Moosmann, C. Stiller
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and…
  • 6 May 2013
Both, the estimation of the trajectory of a sensor and the detection and tracking of moving objects are essential tasks for autonomous robots. This work proposes a new algorithm that treats bothExpand
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Estimating motion in image sequences
We have reviewed the estimation of 2D motion from time-varying images, paying particular attention to the underlying models, estimation criteria, and optimization strategies. Several parametric andExpand
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Team AnnieWAY's autonomous system for the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge
This paper reports on AnnieWAY, an autonomous vehicle that is capable of driving through urban scenarios and that successfully entered the finals of the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge competition. AfterExpand
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RegNet: Multimodal sensor registration using deep neural networks
In this paper, we present RegNet, the first deep convolutional neural network (CNN) to infer a 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) extrinsic calibration between multimodal sensors, exemplified using aExpand
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