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EXUBERA: pharmaceutical development of a novel product for pulmonary delivery of insulin.
The EXUBERA product provides insulin into the bloodstream with similar reproducibly and effectiveness as subcutaneous injections, and is scaleable for commercial operations. Expand
Pharmaceutical liquid crystals: the relevance of partially ordered systems.
The general structural characteristics that favor the formation of liquid crystalline mesophases are categorized by therapeutic target and molecular size, and the analytical means of their identification are presented. Expand
Solution stability of salmon calcitonin at high concentration for delivery in an implantable system.
Two structural states associated with improved stability and minimal gelation, indicated that gelation can be reduced or eliminated by the use of pharmaceutically acceptable co-solvents. Expand
Precipitation of proteins in supercritical carbon dioxide.
It is suggested that protein precipitation in supercritical fluids can be used to form particles suitable for controlled release, direct aerosol delivery to the lungs, and long-term storage at ambient conditions. Expand
Reservoir-based drug delivery systems utilizing microtechnology.
This review covers reservoir-based drug delivery systems that incorporate microtechnology, with an emphasis on oral, dermal, and implantable systems. Key features of each technology are highlightedExpand
Characterization and comparison of leuprolide degradation profiles in water and dimethyl sulfoxide.
The effect of solvent on the rate of leuprolide degradation and on the structure of the degradation products was explored, and the major chemical degradation pathway changed with temperature in the DMSO formulation, but not in the aqueous formulation. Expand
Peptide drug delivery strategies for the treatment of diabetes.
The creation of novel drug delivery methods for the treatment of diabetes should remove barriers to insulin therapy and increase patient acceptance and compliance. Expand
Trileucine improves aerosol performance and stability of spray-dried powders for inhalation.
Trileucine is surface active and promotes the formation of spray-dried powders with a reduced cohesiveness as demonstrated by a decrease in the measured surface energy which correlates with an observed improvement in aerosol performance. Expand
Effect of secondary structure on the rate of deamidation of several growth hormone releasing factor analogs.
It is indicated that helical environment around Asn8 in GRF makes this residue less prone to deamidation. Expand
Advances in peptide pharmaceuticals.
  • C. Stevenson
  • Medicine
  • Current pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • 2009
Drug delivery strategies for peptide pharmaceuticals have incorporated a wide range of structure activity relationships, analog generation to impart protease resistance and increased bioavailability,Expand