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Crustal motion in Indonesia from Global Positioning System measurements
Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000. We compute poles of rotation for the Australia, Eurasia, and Pacific plates based on our analysis of the global GPS data. We find that regional tectonics isExpand
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Lithalsa distribution, morphology and landscape associations in the Great Slave Lowland, Northwest Territories, Canada
Abstract Lithalsas are permafrost mounds formed by ice segregation in mineral-rich soil that occur within the zone of discontinuous permafrost. Nearly 1800 lithalsas were mapped using archival aerialExpand
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Nearshore Geohazards in the Southern Beaufort Sea, Canada
Proposed development of a gas pipeline southward from the Mackenzie Delta and the presence of known accumulations of gas and oil in the southern Beaufort Sea suggest that construction of pipelinesExpand
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Evaluation of RADARSAT-2 DInSAR Seasonal Surface Displacement in Discontinuous Permafrost Terrain, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Abstract. Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) is an increasingly viable method for assessing permafrost terrain stability, but the accuracy and performance withinExpand
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Mapping subsurface conditions within the near-shore zone of an Arctic delta using ground penetrating radar
Abstract This paper demonstrates the capabilities of ground penetrating radar (GPR) to map and resolve shallow subsurface features in the near-shore zone: (i) ice conditions (floating or bottomExpand
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Modeling ground thermal conditions and the limit of permafrost within the nearshore zone of the Mackenzie Delta, Canada
[1] This study examines the interrelated effects of snow and ice on ground thermal conditions beneath regions of shallow water within the nearshore zone of the Mackenzie Delta. Field- and model-basedExpand
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High‐Resolution Mapping of Wet Terrain within Discontinuous Permafrost using LiDAR Intensity
Surface hydrology is an important aspect of northern environments on account of the thermal influence of water on permafrost. In this study, we demonstrate the ability of light detection and rangingExpand
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Mapping Arctic Bottomfast Sea Ice Using SAR Interferometry
We use spaceborne synthetic aperture radar interferometry to discriminate between slowly deforming floating ice and completely stationary bottomfast ice based on the interferometric phase. Expand
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Interannual changes in seasonal ground freezing and near-surface heat flow beneath bottom-fast ice in the near-shore zone, Mackenzie Delta, NWT, Canada.
Interannual changes in seasonal ground freezing and near-surface heat flow beneath zones of bottom-fast ice (BFI) were examined over the winters of 2005‐06 and 2006‐07 within the near-shore zone ofExpand
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