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Limits to global sourcing? Strategic consequences of dependency on international suppliers: Cluster theory, resource-based view and case studies
This paper argues for the inclusion of an analysis of industry clusters when making decisions about global or local sourcing. Suppliers are viewed as valuable resources that can contribute to aExpand
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When do industries cluster? A proposal on how to assess an industry's propensity to concentrate at a single region or nation
Abstract Often the literature on clustering implicitly assumes national or regional–sectoral agglomeration to be a general phenomenon applying to all or most businesses. We argue that not allExpand
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Information Asymmetries as Antecedents of Opportunism in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Testing Principal-Agent Theory
ABSTRACT Purpose: A severe problem in supplier selection refers to moral hazard: suppliers not behaving in the expected way once contracted. Principal-agent theory could provide insights on how toExpand
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Merging a Firm-centred and a Regional Policy Perspective for the Assessment of Regional Clusters: Concept and Application of a “Dual” Approach to a Medical Technology Cluster
This paper proposes a “dual” approach: based on an integral view of clusters a survey-tool is developed to capture the top-down perspective. Expand
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The CBM Collaboration
N. Abel 21, J. Adamczewski 12, D. Adamova 45, M.M. Aggarwal 10, N. Ahmad 2, Z. Ahmad 30, A. Akindinov 36, P. Akishin 16, E. Akishina 16, T. Akishina 16, M. Al-Turany 12, M. Alyushin 39, S.Expand
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Implementation of a Hough Tracker for CBM
We describe the ongoing process on the Hough Transform which can be used for the tracking of particles in the CBM STS detector. Expand
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Personalforschung an Hochschulen
Die Bedeutung humaner Ressourcen fur den Untemehmungserfolg ist stark gewachsen. Finanzmittel und gute Produkte allein reichen heute nicht mehr aus, urn die Wettbewerbsfahigkeit einer Untemehmung zuExpand
Method and apparatus for functional testing of an analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital converter
Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Funktionsprufung eines Analog-Digital-Wandlers, wobei der Analog-Digital-Wandler eine Funktion zur Wandlung wenigstens eines analogen Signals in wenigstens ein digitalesExpand
Does supplier opportunism lead to buyer opportunism? A social capital perspective
In light of increasingly tight buyer–supplier relationships, opportunism is a problem of increasing relevance. So far, opportunism has mainly been researched as a detrimental action by suppliers andExpand
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Hardware Implementation of a Hough Tracker for CBM
In this report we describe an adaptation of the Hough transform for the tracking of particles in the CBM STS detector, together with a possible implementation of the algorithm in hardware using FPGAExpand
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