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Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition
We define an abstract problem Q to be a binary relation on a set I of problem instances and a set S of problem solutions. Expand
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Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition
This book is a great resource on the basic tools used to analyze the performance of algorithms.If you had to buy just one text on algorithms, Introduction to Algorithms is a magnificent choice. Expand
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A new approach to the minimum cut problem
We present a randomized, strongly polynomial algorithm that finds the minimum cut in an arbitrarily weighted undirected graph with high probability. Expand
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Approximation techniques for average completion time scheduling
We consider the problem of nonpreemptive scheduling to minimize average (weighted) completion time, allowing for release dates, parallel machines, and precedence constraints. Expand
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Approximation schemes for minimizing average weighted completion time with release dates
In this paper, we present the first PTASs for scheduling to minimize average weighted completion time in the presence of release dates in various machine models. Expand
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Minimizing average completion time in the presence of release dates
A natural and basic problem in scheduling theory is to provide good average quality of service to a stream of jobs that arrive over time. Expand
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Optimal Time-Critical Scheduling via Resource Augmentation
We study two fundamental problems in dynamic scheduling: scheduling to meet deadlines in a preemptive multiprocessor setting, and scheduling to provide good response time in a number of scheduling environments. Expand
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Approximating Disjoint-Path Problems Using Greedy Algorithms and Packing Integer Programs
In the edge(vertex)-disjoint path problem we are given a graph $G$ and a set ${\cal T} of connection requests. Expand
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