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Poleward shifts in geographical ranges of butterfly species associated with regional warming
Mean global temperatures have risen this century, and further warming is predicted to continue for the next 50–100 years. Some migratory species can respond rapidly to yearly climate variation byExpand
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Extinction debt: a challenge for biodiversity conservation.
Local extinction of species can occur with a substantial delay following habitat loss or degradation. Accumulating evidence suggests that such extinction debts pose a significant but oftenExpand
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Differences in the climatic debts of birds and butterflies at a continental scale
Climate changes have profound effects on the distribution of numerous plant and animal species(1-3). However, whether and how different taxonomic groups are able to track climate changes at largeExpand
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Effects of climatic change on the phenology of butterflies in the northwest Mediterranean Basin
Phenological changes in response to climatic warming have been detected across a wide range of organisms. Butterflies stand out as one of the most popular groups of indicators of climatic change,Expand
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Habitat fragmentation causes immediate and time-delayed biodiversity loss at different trophic levels
Intensification or abandonment of agricultural land use has led to a severe decline of semi-natural habitats across Europe. This can cause immediate loss of species but also time-delayed extinctions,Expand
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Parasitoids of European butterflies
Due to the attractiveness of butterflies, and their usefulness as model systems for biological questions, there has been a considerable amount of material written on butterfly biology, largely inExpand
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Fish assemblages on the slope in the Catalan Sea (western Mediterranean): influence of a submarine canyon
The analysis of 35 bottom trawls taken on the slope in the Catalan Sea (western Mediterranean) has shown the existence of two different demersal fish assemblages occurring on the upper (350–650 m)Expand
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Distribution and biology of five grenadier fish (Pisces: Macrouridae) from the upper and middle slope of the northwestern Mediterranean
Abstract Specimens of five Macrouridae species ( Trachyrhynchus trachyrhynchus, Nezumia aequalis, Hymenocephalus italicus, Coelorhynehus coelorhynchus and Coelorhynchus labiatus ) were obtained fromExpand
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Recent trends in butterfly populations from north-east Spain and Andorra in the light of habitat and climate change
Although butterfly declines have been reported across Europe, no assessment based on detailed quantitative data has ever been made for any extensive area in the Mediterranean Basin. In 1994, aExpand
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The nature of migration in the red admiral butterfly Vanessa atalanta: evidence from the population ecology in its southern range
1. The migrant Vanessa atalanta (L.) occurs throughout Europe and North Africa. In autumn, populations emigrate from northern and central Europe to the Mediterranean region to overwinter. In theExpand
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