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New Generation Sensor Web Enablement
The recent developments of the new generation of the Sensor Web Enablement specification framework are illustrated and related to other emerging concepts such as the Web of Things and point out challenges and resulting future work topics for research on Sensor Web enablement. Expand
Discovery Mechanisms for the Sensor Web
An approach will be presented that was developed within the EU funded project “OSIRIS” that offers mechanisms to search for sensors, exploit basic semantic relationships, harvest sensor metadata and integrate sensor discovery into already existing catalogues. Expand
Applying OGC sensor web enablement to risk monitoring and disaster management
This paper presents the practical application of the OGC Sensor Web Enablement Architecture to a set of use cases in the area of risk monitoring and disaster management. After introducing the OGCExpand
Managing uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: The UncertWeb framework
The scope and architecture required to support uncertainty management as developed in UncertWeb, which includes tools which support elicitation, aggregation/disaggregation, visualisation and uncertainty/sensitivity analysis, is described. Expand
enviroCar: A Citizen Science Platform for Analyzing and Mapping Crowd-Sourced Car Sensor Data
The enviroCar platform for collecting geographic data acquired from automobile sensors and openly providing those data for further processing and analysis is presented, and the description of the spatiotemporal RESTful Web Service interface and underlying data model specifically designed for handling the mobile sensor data is presented. Expand
Future SDI - Impulses from Geoinformatics Research and IT Trends
A conceptual view of the dynamics of both SDIs and the Geospatial Web is given, and a picture of the SDI of the future is presented, one which benefits from these developments, based on an analysis of geoinformatics research topics and current ICT trends. Expand
Semantic Enablement for Spatial Data Infrastructures
Instead of developing new semantically enabled services from scratch, this work proposes to create profiles of existing services that implement a transparent mapping between the OGC and the Semantic Web world, and points out how to combine SDI with linked data. Expand
A RESTful proxy and data model for linked sensor data
This paper presents a Linked Data model and a RESTful proxy for OGC's Sensor Observation Service to improve integration and inter-linkage of observation data for the Digital Earth. Expand
Semantic Challenges for Sensor Plug and Play
By taking a use case from disaster management, this work outlines the challenges and demonstrates how semantically annotated SWE data models and service interfaces support semantic matching and is a roadmap towards a semantically enabled sensor plug & play within the Sensor Web. Expand
Improving the Communication of Spatial Information in Crisis Response by Combining Paper Maps and Mobile Devices
This paper describes a handheld augmented reality approach to support the communication of spatial information in a crisis response scenario that combines mobile camera devices with paper maps to ensure a quick and reliable exchange of spatial Information. Expand