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A Probabilistic Arsenic Exposure Assessment for Children who Contact CCA-Treated Playsets and Decks, Part 1: Model Methodology, Variability Results, and Model Evaluation
Concerns have been raised regarding the safety of young children who may contact arsenic residues while playing on and around chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood playsets and decks. AlthoughExpand
Use of GIS and ancillary variables to predict volatile organic compound and nitrogen dioxide levels at unmonitored locations
Abstract In late 1999, passive air sampling of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and volatile organic compounds was conducted at 22 school locations and two intensive sites in El Paso, Texas. Our goal was toExpand
Spatial analysis and land use regression of VOCs and NO(2) from school-based urban air monitoring in Detroit/Dearborn, USA.
Passive ambient air sampling for nitrogen dioxide (NO(2)) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was conducted at 25 school and two compliance sites in Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan, USA during theExpand
Spatial Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds from a Community-Based Air Toxics Monitoring Network in Deer Park, Texas, USA
In the summer of 2003, ambient air concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were measured at 12 sites within a 3-km radius in Deer Park, Texas near Houston. The purpose of the study was toExpand
Probabilistic estimation of residential air exchange rates for population-based human exposure modeling
Residential air exchange rates (AERs) are a key determinant in the infiltration of ambient air pollution indoors. Population-based human exposure models using probabilistic approaches to estimateExpand
A Probabilistic Arsenic Exposure Assessment for Children who Contact Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)-Treated Playsets and Decks, Part 2: Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analyses
A probabilistic model (SHEDS-Wood) was developed to examine children's exposure and dose to chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood, as described in Part 1 of this two-part article. This Part 2Expand
Association of Roadway Proximity with Fasting Plasma Glucose and Metabolic Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in a Cross-Sectional Study of Cardiac Catheterization Patients
Background The relationship between traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) and risk factors for cardiovascular disease needs to be better understood in order to address the adverse impact of airExpand
Volatile organic compounds at two oil and natural gas production well pads in Colorado and Texas using passive samplers
ABSTRACT A pilot study was conducted in application of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Methods 325A/B variant for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) near two oil and naturalExpand
Spatial analysis of volatile organic compounds in South Philadelphia using passive samplers
ABSTRACT Select volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were measured in the vicinity of a petroleum refinery and related operations in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, using passive air sampling andExpand
A review of air exchange rate models for air pollution exposure assessments
A critical aspect of air pollution exposure assessments is estimation of the air exchange rate (AER) for various buildings where people spend their time. The AER, which is the rate of exchange ofExpand