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Effectiveness and Prognostic Factors of Radiotherapy for Painful Plantar Heel Spurs
Background and Purpose:The efficacy of radiation treatment (RT) for plantar heel pain has been reported repeatedly. Yet, the results referring to the pain relief rate, to long-term effects andExpand
C-reactive protein, severity of pneumonia and mortality in elderly, hospitalised patients with community-acquired pneumonia.
BACKGROUND increasingly, markers of systemic inflammation like C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and white blood count (WBC) are being used for assessing the prognosis of patients withExpand
Successful treatment of intimal hyperplasia in renal arteries by endovascular brachytherapy.
PURPOSE The present study shows the possibility of preventing restenosis of renal arteries by endovascular brachytherapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS We present a patient suffering from rapid restenosisExpand
[Computerized tomography detection of portal vein air accumulation in severe gastroenteritis during chemotherapy].
Portal venous gas is caused by various pathological processes, both iatrogenic (complications of endoscopy) and non-iatrogenic (bowel ischemia, obstruction, perforated gastric ulcer, septicaemia). WeExpand
[Improvements in detection of rectal cancer recurrence by multiplanar reconstruction].
PURPOSE To evaluate the advantages of multiplanar reconstruction and different axial slice thickness in diagnostic of rectal cancer recurrence after operation and radiotherapy. METHOD We includedExpand
[Computerized tomography evaluation of local recurrence of operated and adjuvant radiation treated rectal carcinoma. Normal and pathological changes after operation and irradiation of rectal
Colorectal carcinoma is one of the most common cancer in Germany. We want to evaluate the most reliable CT features indicating local recurrence of rectal cancer as early as possible. 232 patientsExpand
["Phtisis atra"--a now seldom disease picture as a special disease course of silicosis].
Progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) of the lung is caused by coalescence of fibrotic nodules. The center of the PMF often displays necrotic areas. If the necrosis gets in contact to the bronchialExpand
[Recurrent rectal cancer: diagnosis by contrast enhancement in MD-CT].
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the recurrence of rectal cancer could by diagnosed reliably by contrast enhancement. METHOD A total of 83 patients were included afterExpand
[Observing the density increase curve after intravenous contrast medium administration using a bolus triggering system: a method for detection cardiovascular disorders?].
PURPOSE Recently bolus tracking systems were developed to improve the timing of intravenous contrast media application in helical computed tomography. We investigated the benefit of this new methodExpand
[Case reports of operative management of very large, benign phylloid tumors--is a safety margin necessary?].
The phylloid tumor (PT, formerly called cystosarcoma phylloides) is a rare neoplasia of the female breast. Usually the PT is treated with breast-conserving surgery. In spite of progress in earlyExpand